9 April 2017

Becoming A Better Version of Myself - Part Two


Making a big change in your life is difficult. Even more so when you are 35 and that change involves something you have been doing for almost your whole life. But I genuinely feel that when you are ready to make a big change you know, and you also know this time you will be committed to making that change.

So I have never actually been on a diet before. I have tried healthy eating and always lasted a maximum of like 2 days. I don't like salads. I am not a big vegetable eater. In fact there aren't many foods I like at all. So I had to find something that would accommodate me and my weird eating. After doing a bit of investigating and speaking to some friends I came across Slimming World. Now I won't go into the in's and out's of Slimming World, as I am in no way endorsing it. But the way the diets works sounded good to me and it sounded like something I could follow and still enjoy some of my favourite snacks in moderation. So 12 weeks ago I signed up to a class and started my journey. Ready to make that change.

So here I am now. It is April and I have lost one and a half stone so far. I have totally shocked myself that I have managed to stick to the plan and change the way I eat. Gone are the crisps, the cans of coke and all the sugar in my tea. And I never thought I would say I don't miss any of it. I took to my new eating plan a lot easier that I thought I would and my willpower to say no to bad things has totally impressed me. I made the decision to make a change and I have done it. 

Even after my weight loss I am still wearing the same sized clothes as before, but they fit so much better.  My stomach is no longer constantly bloated (good riddance white bread) and my cheek bones are slowly, but surely, making a return. But best of all - I am starting to feel more comfortable in the way I look. I need to make it clear - in no way am I saying losing weight is a way to make yourself feel better - it was the way I needed to feel like myself again. Go back to the Jennifer I used to be. And slowly I feel like I am heading there. 

I still have 7 pounds to lose before I meet my target weight. Maybe I won't ever achieve that - maybe I will achieve it in the next couple of weeks - but whatever happens I am proud of myself for realising that I had to start looking after myself. You only get one body and you should never take your health for granted. You have got to keep yourself fit and healthy. My diet was bad for my health in so many ways.

You also need to keep you mind healthy. For me a lot of how I feel about myself is based on how I look. Crazy I know - but that's life! Like I said in part one -  I choose to put myself online but I also choose to compare myself to other people. It is worth remembering that there is no one like you and that in itself is pretty amazing. Each one of us are individuals on a journey to love ourselves and in the words of the amazing RuPaul - "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna be able to love someone else?"
I personally feel like I still have a journey ahead of me, especially when it comes to keeping my mind healthy. I am still trying to find a love for the gym and a hate for Milkybar eggs (why you so damn tasty?) but I am happy to be on the road to being healthier and becoming a better version of myself. Always remember -  take care of your body and mind, and it will take care of you back.

Until next time - Lots of love Jennifer xxx


6 March 2017

Becoming A Better Version Of Myself - Part One

I was unsure if this post would ever go live. I was worried people might be offended by it. Talking about subjects such as weight and diets can be very a difficult subject. Then I spoke to the lovely Heather who reassured me by saying "this is your journey and it's personal to you".

I have always been a terrible eater. I practically lived on Coke and chips as a child and that didn't change much as I moved into adulthood. A mouth full of fillings is testament to a love of sweet and sugary things. Although I had a pretty bad diet I maintained the same weight and clothes size throughout most of my adult life. Then around 4 years ago I became unwell. Everything I ate left me in agony or made me really ill. This left me struggling to eat or keep anything in my stomach. And of course the weight fell off. I looked and felt awful. Part of my illness was related to my gallbladder. Usually these problems only occur in women over the age of 40, overweight women and women with children. Of course I didn't fall into any of these categories. The only thing I could relate the problem too was my love of Coke. At this point I was drinking at least 3 cans a day. It had to stop.

But once I started to get better (after surgery) it didn't stop. My diet got worse. Who cares if I put a little weight on - I need to anyway. Takeaways, donuts, cakes, tea with lots of sugar, chocolate, crisps, chippies and the list goes on and on.

Then last year I suddenly realised that my clothes were no longer loose on me. In fact they were getting a little tight. Then almost like overnight my clothes didn't fit me anymore. Things had to be upgraded to a bigger size. I checked the scales - whoops over a stone on. That's OK though - I wasn't well. I needed to put that weight on. I started keep fit classes around this time thinking that would help. But it didn't. I kept eating the same crap and the weight kept going on. Another stone crept on without me noticing. 

The fact that I choose to have photographs of myself plastered online didn't help how I was feeling. Every photograph I took I could see myself looking bigger. My belly bulging in tops. My cheekbones were gone. Do my legs look chunky in these jeans? All I could see online were beautiful, thin bloggers. How amazing they looked in outfits similar to mine. Holiday snaps looking like models in bikinis. So I stopped taking blog pictures and Instagram pictures. No one would want to see pictures of me and my outfits when they could be looking at these girls. My self esteem was rock bottom, I had no motivation and I hated the way I looked. 

Then I realised I wasn't looking after my body or looking after myself mentally. I could no longer let my health suffer and my self esteem become so battered over something I had full control over - something had to give. It was time for a big change..........


6 February 2017

Outfit Of The Day - Clowning Around









What I'm Wearing - Vintage Cardigan, Monki Stripey Top, Zara Skirt and Topshop Boots.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside........... except on a February morning when it is ice cold! Buy hey ho - my outfit was too cute not to shoot and these beach huts were too cute not be featured. 

This vintage cardigan I picked up from Pre-Loved Vintage is my new favourite vintage piece. I hate clowns, but I was instantly drawn to this sad wee fella and all the colours. Like I would ever say no to an 80's vintage piece! And what do you know - it matched perfectly with this Zara skirt and stripey top. The colour combination won't be to everyone's taste - but since when had that bothered me??

Keeping it short but sweet this time. See you soon - lots of love.......

5 January 2017

Kenzo X H&M Pink Aviator Jacket

What I'm Wearing - Topshop Pink Mom Jeans, Kenzo X H&M Aviator Jacket, ASOS Stripe Top, Primark Shoes.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Here is hoping 2017 is a belter of a year for everyone!

Jimmy and I started off 2017 by staying in with Rio, watching TV and stuffing our faces. Just the usual for us then. We were up nice and bright on New Year's Day and headed off into town for a walk. It was absolutely gorgeous in Glasgow on New Year's Day - but don't let that sun fool you - it was freezing! It was an ideal time to break out my Kenzo aviator jacket from their collaboration with H&M. This is one of 4 pieces I picked up from the collection - 3 coats/jackets and a bag.

I absolutely loved the collection, but it didn't seem to sell as well as I expected and the hype didn't seem to be as big as some of the previous collections. All the better for me though. After picking up the multi coloured leopard print bomber and bag on the release day, I thought my chances of owning anything else were gone when everything seemed to sell out. But, bit by bit, over the following weeks pieces were back online for sale. My folks managed to bag me the full length multi coloured fur and then Jimmy managed to get me this beauty - and isn't she glorious. At £200 she was a little bit out of my budget so I didn't think she would be mine - but Jimmy saved the day and got me it for Christmas.

The jacket wasn't the easiest thing to photograph - it does have a very square shape and is quite oversized - but I bloody love it! I need to wear it loads so I can soften the leather up, so expect to see it on me a lot in the coming year.

Expect to see me on here a lot more in the coming year (hopefully!)  Yes - at the start of each year I am always full of good intentions to blog more - but I definitely feel more positive about doing it this year and getting over my awkwardness posing. Special thanks to Jimmy for running all over town with me taking these pictures - it was learning curve for both of us haha!
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