10 November 2015

Change Of A Dress with Miss Selfridge

Change Of A Dress With Miss Selfridge - Glasgowfashiongirl

With the festive period almost here Miss Selfridge have launched their City Style Dress Hub. They have teamed up with four bloggers from four different UK cities to talk style and tips for partying in their city.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my city. When Miss Selfridge asked me to come to London to talk Glasgow style and partying in my city I jumped at the chance. I mean who would say no to dressing up in beautiful clothes, dancing to Beyonce all while talking about how amazing Glasgow is and how much we like to party.
Of course Glasgow isn't the only city that likes to party. Amelia is sharing her style and party tips for Birmingham, Hannah for Manchester and Olivia for London.
Not sure which city style suits you? Take the MissSDress# style quiz and be in with a chance to win a £200 gift card. 

9 November 2015

Where To Find Your Perfect Winter Coat


What I'm Wearing - Topshop Swing Coat*, H&M Hat*, H&M Gloves*.

Winter is my homeboy! I rejoice when the stores start to clear out the summer range and winter clothes start to appear. Winter really is my favourite season clothes wise. Faux fur, cosy knits, boots, glitter and sequins - oh winter clothes you know the way to this girl's heart!

If there is one thing you really need to invest in for winter it is a coat. Whether you love faux fur or shearling, a parka or a dustcoat the St. Enoch Centre has got winter wrapped up for you. With retailers such as Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Miss Selfridge, Topshop and loads more all under one roof. You will be spoiled for choice.

I was looking for the perfect winter coat that would keep me warm but still look stylish - kooky but cosy. After trying on what felt like 100 coats, and loving them all, I finally settled on this leopard print beauty from the Topshop concession in Debenhams. Isn't she a beauty?! I feel like we were meant to be. I left her there on the Saturday and went back on the Sunday and she had waited for me. Destiny!

You can't wear a beautiful coat like this alone, oh no. She needed some equally adorable accessories. A visit to H&M resulted in this adorable fluffy hat and the cutest gloves ever! Winter come at me - I am ready for you!!!

Are you ready for winter? If not get down to the St. Enoch Centre now. Happy shopping!

Post in collaboration with the St. Enoch Centre but all words and pictures are my own. Special thanks to the St. Enoch Centre for letting me pick out my winter coat and accessories.

All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan-Ward

8 October 2015

Vintage Shopping Recommendations

Glasgowfashiongirl - Vintage Shopping Recommendations

I am the sort of girl that doesn't want to dress like everyone else. I couldn't care less about what is in fashion, how Vogue tell me how to wear something or which colours I should be wearing this season. I just buy and wear clothes I love. This is why I love vintage clothes.

Chances are when you turn up to an event wearing vintage no one else is going to be in the same outfit as you. Even more so when you are into 80's tacky vintage like me. I also find a lot of vintage pieces, especially sequinned pieces (my favourite), much better quality.

So to anyone who is looking for new vintage shops to discover or any vintage newbie's looking for shops to start their vintage journey here are my vintage shopping recommendations -

Sassy World
Run by the amazing Helena, Sassy World is your one stop vintage shop for all things bright and colourful. Helena sources only the most amazing prints and colourful pieces for her store. You need to be quick to snap up a Sassy World piece though - stock drops most Sundays at 7pm and is almost always an instant sell out.

CeCe Vintage - Baker Street, Middlesbrough
If boho vibes are your vintage preference then this is the vintage store for you. From vintage Levi's and cowboy boots to 80's sequinned pieces this store is the perfect boho babe shopping destination. For anyone not near the store you can place orders via Instagram.

Vintage Guru - Byres Road, Glasgow
In my opinion one of the best vintage shops in Glasgow. The rails are easy to look through and the clothes organised really well. It also doesn't smell like a vintage shop - sorry but the smell in some stores still kills me! There is a great mix of vintage and the prices are fantastic. Their Instagram page is updated throughout the day with new stock. If you are in Glasgow get yourself along to the store or you can place orders over the telephone.

We Are Cow
Unfortunately we don't have a store in Glasgow but the online store is fantastic. The website is easy to navigate and has lovely, clear photographs of the vintage on models (I like to see clothes on people). Again there is so much choice and a good mix of styles. I could (and do) spend hours on here looking at what is available. If you are lucky enough to have a store near you then you are in for a treat - the stores are filled to the brim with amazing pieces.

Suzanne's Vintage Closet
Think cute dresses, crazy shirts and amazing knitwear. I just picked up the most amazing 1980's dress for my Christmas night out from here and I cannot believe the quality of the dress. I would swear it was brand new. The prices here are so reasonable too. Definitely a store to keep your eye on!

Ebay and Depop
Do not forget trusty old Ebay and newbie Depop for picking up vintage. I have picked up so many sequin vintage pieces here for bargain prices. Just look out for people listing items as vintage when they aren't!

Where are your favourite places to shop for vintage?? Please let me know!

Lots of love
Vintage picture taken from Pinterest

22 September 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris
Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris                           
Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

What I'm Wearing - Primark Mickey Mouse Shirt, Topshop Tank Top, Vintage Beads, Primark Sunglasses, American Apparel Leggings, Adidas Pharrell Williams Superstar Trainers.

So you will have noticed these aren't my usual blog style photographs. While I didn't want to share all my holiday photographs from our recent trip to Disneyland (a girl needs to keep somethings private ya know) I couldn't resist sharing some pictures from our first day as it was so amazing and I actually got to meet some Disney characters. Anyone who wants to tell me they are just people in costumes please leave my blog now.........

So my day one outfit - yes it's that Mickey Mouse shirt again. Come on, you didn't expect me to visit Disneyland and not wear the shirt! This outfit is quite basic and not very colourful for me, but sometimes comfort comes before fashion, especially when you are spending the day walking around a theme park. I felt the shirt and Minnie Mouse ears were enough so played it safe with the top and leggings. But when you add those magical Minnie Mouse ears any outfit becomes amazing right?! I could quite easily wear them everyday. Damn I wish I was popular and could make it a new craze......

With regards to Disneyland - it was amazing! I would recommend it for anyone, any age! I can't thank Jimmy enough for taking me on such a fantastic holiday! And thanks to him for all my photographs - he didn't complain once about waiting around to take pictures of me with the characters. Although, after 2 and a half hours of waiting to meet Minnie Mouse I think he was close to complaining haha! 

I will no doubt share more photographs from our trip over on my Instagram page but here is a little snippet of me hanging with more characters. Look how excited Minnie is to meet me.......... 

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Glasgowfashiongirl - Disneyland Paris

Me and Minnie - Similar Outfit Details
Me, King Louie and Baloo - Monki (will be featured in a blog soon)

Until next time - love, peace and Disney Sparkles


16 August 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage
Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

Glasgowfashiongirl - Dotty About Vintage

What I'm Wearing: Vintage Jacket, Primark Sunglasses, Primark T-shirt, Topshop Necklace, Monki Trousers, Primark Trainers and Love Moschino Bag.

Is there any better feeling than when you find an amazing vintage piece of clothing, in your size, and perfect condition for an absolute bargain price?! I doubt it! When this bright pink 80's dotty jacket popped up on my Depop for the bargain price of £10 I couldn't resist. Yes I know I didn't need another vintage jacket but how could I not buy this beauty?! 

Buying vintage clothes has been my favourite way of shopping recently - I am just not feeling the high street stores just now and I am already dreading all the dark colours for Autumn/Winter. Although these are my favourite seasons I wish the high street would realise we still like bright colours in Autumn/Winter!

But enough about Autumn/Winter....... A beautiful sunny day in Glasgow was the perfect excuse to finally get round to wearing some of my new clothes (I say 'some' as my wardrobe is full of new things - whoops). I bought these Monki trousers last month in their sale and they matched perfectly with the jacket. Perfectly as in the perfect pattern clash. The Primark trainers are the perfect alternative to the Adidas Stan Smith trainer - comfier and cheaper too. A little plain white t-shirt, chunky Topshop necklace, big sunglasses and cute little bag and I was all set for a day out in sunny Glasgow. 

I would love to hear your vintage store recommendations - let me know in the comments. Have a fantastic week and here is hoping the sun stays shining.

Until next time - love, peace and sparkles.....
All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan

22 July 2015

July Wish List

Dreamland Clothing Purple Oversized T-Shirt
As an 80's fashion lover this T-Shirt is the thing of dreams. Have you ever seen a more perfect 80's print? The entire collection is to die for but this t-shirt wins as my favourite piece as it would be great to hide my cake belly......

Olympus-PEN-E-PL7 Camera
I am not going to lie - the first thing that attracted me to this camera is how gorgeous it is. I didn't even care if it took good photographs. Thankfully it does take good photographs, and is exactly what I need - the quality of a Digital SLR camera but the size and weight of a compact camera. I am definitely a point and shoot girl when it comes to photographs but I would really like to learn more about my camera and photography. This camera is top of my savings list.

ASOS Mallow Shoes
These shoes are getting ordered as soon as pay day arrives. I have longed for Dr Martens style shoes forever (Dr Martens don't fit me), and all I could ever find was cheap, plastic looking shoes. That is until I noticed these on ASOS. I love how the dalmatian print will clash with almost everything I wear them with. Please don't sell out before the end of the month!!!!

Vivienne Westwood Skeleton Earrings
I have been obsessing over these earrings since I saw a girl in store wearing them. Everyone needs skeletons hanging from their ears right?! It has been a while since my ears were treated to a fun earring - they need them!!!!

Topshop Archive 80's Taffeta Prom Dress
Now this is definitely not going to be to everyone's taste and that makes me love this dress even more. You can't beat a bit of taffeta and by now I think you all know how much I love the tacky style from the 80's. Anyone want to take me to prom so I can buy this? 

Sun Jellies Betty Tote Bag
Not only is this tote perfect for your holiday to the beach but it is also perfect for carrying all your shopping at home. So much prettier than your normal store carrier bags and better for the environment. I already own the original jelly bag but when something is this adorable you need every style.

Monki Edie Anorak Sweat
The Autumn collection is slowly making its way online at Monki and this sweatshirt jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. If you like big, bold print then Monki is your store. This would be perfect for keeping me cosy when travelling and just for general day to day wear. It also looks amazing dressed up. I can't wait to visit Monki in Paris in September and hopefully pick this up.

What is on your wishlist this month????

Until next time - love, peace and sparkles....

15 July 2015

Looking Good In Glasgow

g a blogger has made me very aware of the way I look. Yes I know that sounds really vain, but it is true. Getting photographed a lot does that to you. I am one of those girls who is pretty rubbish at being a girl. I mean the shopping thing I have down, but the beauty side of being a girl......I suck!

Luckily for me I have so many amazing beauty blogger friends with a wealth of knowledge of the beauty industry. They are full of amazing recommendations for someone as clueless as me. After years of being very lazy when it comes to beauty I am starting to make an effort and look after myself.

We are absolutely spoiled for choice in Glasgow when it comes to beauty. For anyone looking for new places to visit then here are my recommendations to serve all your beauty needs from top to toe.

Kevin O'Neill Hair Salon - Garth Street
This salon has been looking after my hair for the last year and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Over the last 6 months they have lifted my hair from an awful black box dye disaster to the light coloured wonder it is now. For the first time in years my hair grows and looks healthy. My hair is currently looked after by the amazing Ainsley (crazy hair cutting skills and the best fringe cutter in the WORLD!) - but the whole team are amazing! I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hair.


Peaches Wax and Beauty Bar - Parnie Street
The only salon in Glasgow to visit for all your waxing needs. Ask for a waxing recommendation in Glasgow and this salon will be mentioned time and time again. The salon also offers Billion Dollar Brows, which I am desperately trying to grow my eyebrows for, and also the amazing LVL Lashes, which I also need! You only need to read the comments from previous clients on the website to see why this salon is so popular.

Lush - Buchanan StreetI will be honest - I avoided Lush for so long due to the hype surrounding it and because I didn't want a bath bomb - I hate baths. But on visiting the store recently I realised there is more to Lush than bath bombs - a lot more - specifically their amazing skincare range. I recommend you visit the store and speak to a member of staff rather than going on other peoples recommendations, everyone's skin is different. The staff are so well trained and their love for the products shows in their enthusiasm. I am now on my second lot of products from the store and loving everything I have been trying. There are a few Lush stores in Glasgow but I have much love for the Buchanan Street store and the staff for their amazing recommendations.

Sacha Nails - (Just off) Buchanan Street
Sacha is amazing at what she does - her work really speaks for itself. My gel nails from Sacha lasted for ages and never chipped the whole time I had them on and even then I only had to remove them due to nail growth. I already have my appointment booked for my nails for Disneyland in September. Disney nails of course. Sacha is also a qualified make-up artist so can look after your makeover needs too. Oh and an added bonus - you may be lucky enough to visit the salon when Sacha's dog Rolo is there - cuteness overload.

Pure Spa Glasgow - West Nile Street
Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Pure Spa to try out their Elemis Face and Body Sensation which is two therapies in one - a hot stone massage followed by an Elemis power booster facial. This was my first visit to a spa for a treatment and I was not disappointed. From the moment I arrived at the salon I felt completely at ease and the staff were lovely. After changing into my robe it was time for a quick foot massage then onto the bed for my first treatment - the hot stone massage. My therapist Diane was amazing and I loved every minute of the treatment - even when she was removing the awful knots in my back. Then it was onto the facial. Diane asked about my skin and then devised a skincare plan to help with any problems and these products were used during my facial. My skin was absolutely glowing afterwards. There are so many treatments available and I think everyone should treat themselves to spa day out at Pure Spa. I cannot wait to go back.

So ladies (and gents) you know what to do - treat yourself with one of my beauty recommendations. Please let me know if you have any other great places I need to try out in Glasgow.

Until next time - love, peace and sparkles...

6 July 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Monki Style

Skirt - Monki// Levis Denim Jacket - Vintage//
Beads - Vintage// Sunglasses - Primark//
White Shirt - New Look// Trainers - Adidas Superstar//
Bag - Depop// Brooch - Bonnie Bling

Is there anything better than finding a new clothing store that you absolutely fall in love with?! I stumbled across Monki while down in London last month and fell in love with everything. Unfortunately the London store is the only UK store, but fear not - Monki is also available online and via ASOS.

I visited the store just as the Lynnie Zulu collection dropped and picked up a few pieces from the collection, as well as a few other bits (goodbye all my money!). And of course, since I came home from London, the online store has been my go to place for clothes (goodbye even more money!).

One of the Lynnie Zulu for Monki pieces I picked up in London was this skirt. I love clothes that look vintage but aren't vintage - vintage style without the vintage smell. I am trying to veer away from wearing jeans so much so this skirt was a perfect addition to my wardrobe. And even more so because I can wear it with my favourite footwear - trainers! I added a simple white cotton shirt, black beads and my vintage Levi denim jacket with Bonnie Bling 'Peely Wally' brooch to complete the outfit.

Well of course my outfit wasn't complete - hello Spongebob! I am not normally a fan of matching outfits but I couldn't resist my shoes and bag matching on this occasion. I love how worried Spongebob looks in these pictures - maybe the matching trainers were too much for him haha!

Expect to see a lot of Monki pieces on the blog in the coming months, and yes I may have another order on the way to me as I write this - sorry bank account! Oh and p.s - this skirt along with many other amazing pieces are now in the Monki sale. Happy shopping!

Until next time........

Love, peace and sparkles

All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan.
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