28 January 2015

Valentine's Wish List

February means one thing - Valentine's Day is here once again. Yes I know it is only January, but lets be honest the shops are in full Valentine's mode therefore so am I. I love Valentine's Day. I love how tacky and cheap it is, because who doesn't love a giant teddy and a plastic rose. It is the one day a year people are commercially forced to make an effort with their loved ones, and everyone is excited to see who gets the biggest bunch of flowers delivered to work. OK, that probably makes Valentine's sound awful but come on, its fun!!!

If you don't fancy another teddy or plastic rose this year then this wish list should inspire you to start dropping hints to your loved ones. I find casually mentioning the item you want once a day for a couple of weeks normally works. Should anyone want to buy me anything this year take this post as one big hint :)

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish - Probably the closest I will get to own anything Louboutin (I don't do heels!). Not only will this polish look amazing on your nails but the bottle will look mighty impressive on your dressing table. And of course I chose red - the colour of love.

Coco Fennell Dress - Who doesn't need a cute dress for those cute Valentine's dates you will be going on. Coco Fennell manage to get the perfect mix of sexy and cute with their dresses and this one is my favourite. I love a flamingo!

Limecrime Pansy Velvetine Velvetines are my favourite lip products. This purple colour needs to be added to my collection asap! Perfect for puckering up on Valentine's Day.

Flamingo Candle - Love Bug - Flamingo Candles are, in my opinion, of of the best candle manufacturers in the UK. Their special edition  Love Bug Valentine's candle is gorgeous!!! Not only does it look lush but the smell is amazing.Your entire house will smell amazing with this burning and set the mood for some Valentine's snuggles.

YSL Black Opium - Is there anything better than someone who smells good?? This will make you smell really, really good!

How To Be Parisian Book - I have heard so many good reviews on this book and who doesn't want to know how the amazing Parisians look so chic all the time??!!!

Valfre Marie Antoinette Print - I love the work of the Valfre. I am slightly obsessed with Marie Antoinette.  think I may have been her in a past life - how else do you explain my love for cake??? This print combines three of my loves - Valfre, Marie Antoinette and cake!

Karen Mabon Clown Necklace I am not one for overly expensive jewellery (although I do like Tiffany rings Jimmy!) I much prefer fun jewellery and is there anything more fun than a wee cheeky clown? I love anything Karen Mabon makes so basically buy me anything from her - thanks!

Paperchase Snack Boxes - The three words you will hear if you spend time with me "I need snacks!" I live on snacks and these boxes are so cute and are perfect for lunch on the go and snacks. My favourite says 'I doughnut know what I would do without you' - I also love doughnuts :) Basically I just love food.

Whatever you do this Valentine's Day I hope you have a lovely day and remember you do not need to be in a relationship to be spoiled this Valentine's Day - treat yourself!!! 

Lots of love



  1. Awesome! Get the Parisian book! It's phenom! Sx

    1. I know Sarah I need to treat myself to it :) xxxxx

  2. I think this has got to be the best Wish List I've ever seen on a blog! I want it all! Especially the dress and the necklace. Ah, I need to run away from the laptop asap as this is going to make me break my 'no more brand new clothing' rule. It is painful! haha xx

    1. Haha - sorry!!!! Its so hard not to shop isn't it! I have tried many time and failed! So glad you like everything - I want it all! xxxxxx

  3. those little tuppaware boxes are so so cute! I want them all. The blog looks so fab BTW <3

    1. I know they are the cutest! Thank you so much Hailea. Now to work on some poses for my outfit posts :) xxx

  4. Awesome wish list! That is so classic and pretty! I haven't tried the velvetine lips yet but I'd love to, they look great. Love your blog :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  5. You must try the velvetines - although I dont really recommned the Cashmere. You really need to build the colour up unlike the brighter shades. xxxxx


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