19 May 2015

That is so Last Year...

Before Christmas I took some time away from my blog as I was having a bit of a fashion meltdown and wasn't feeling so 'fashionable'. I came back in January and started afresh with my blog by removing all my old, and somewhat embarrassing posts. 

Now it is May and once again I am not feeling so 'fashionable', so once again the blog has taken somewhat of a back seat. Surely I can't be the only girl with a wardrobe full of clothes yet I have nothing to wear? I wish I had a particular style I stuck to but I am more a buy whatever I like sort of girl and then nothing matches.

So here we are almost a month since last my last post and I thought what can I blog about since I have no clothes......? And here is where those old blog pictures come in use. A little trip down memory lane! I am still cringing over most of the pictures (why did I wear that?!) but it has been great to see how much my blog has progressed in terms of photography and I even have to say my posing (ha ha!). Can we also stop and look at how dark and awful my hair was - why did not one tell me??!!!

I am off to London next week to the Alexander McQueen exhibition and then a day of shopping (I was blessed with a shopaholic boyfriend - praise the lord!!!). I am hoping I will come back from London with lots of new clothes and a love for my fashion and my wardrobe again - until then enjoy the old pictures and don't laugh too much.........


Until next time - lots of peace, love and sparkles......

I have nothing to wear image taken from Google Images. All other images are mine.


  1. I love the pink part of your hair its so cool! you should totally have this again! :P


    1. Thanks Andrew. It may make a return at some point :) xxxx

  2. I love your style - you always look amazing & so individual! You work all your clothes so well! LOVE!

    1. Thank you Ema! I bloody love your style xxxx


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