22 July 2015

July Wish List

Dreamland Clothing Purple Oversized T-Shirt
As an 80's fashion lover this T-Shirt is the thing of dreams. Have you ever seen a more perfect 80's print? The entire collection is to die for but this t-shirt wins as my favourite piece as it would be great to hide my cake belly......

Olympus-PEN-E-PL7 Camera
I am not going to lie - the first thing that attracted me to this camera is how gorgeous it is. I didn't even care if it took good photographs. Thankfully it does take good photographs, and is exactly what I need - the quality of a Digital SLR camera but the size and weight of a compact camera. I am definitely a point and shoot girl when it comes to photographs but I would really like to learn more about my camera and photography. This camera is top of my savings list.

ASOS Mallow Shoes
These shoes are getting ordered as soon as pay day arrives. I have longed for Dr Martens style shoes forever (Dr Martens don't fit me), and all I could ever find was cheap, plastic looking shoes. That is until I noticed these on ASOS. I love how the dalmatian print will clash with almost everything I wear them with. Please don't sell out before the end of the month!!!!

Vivienne Westwood Skeleton Earrings
I have been obsessing over these earrings since I saw a girl in store wearing them. Everyone needs skeletons hanging from their ears right?! It has been a while since my ears were treated to a fun earring - they need them!!!!

Topshop Archive 80's Taffeta Prom Dress
Now this is definitely not going to be to everyone's taste and that makes me love this dress even more. You can't beat a bit of taffeta and by now I think you all know how much I love the tacky style from the 80's. Anyone want to take me to prom so I can buy this? 

Sun Jellies Betty Tote Bag
Not only is this tote perfect for your holiday to the beach but it is also perfect for carrying all your shopping at home. So much prettier than your normal store carrier bags and better for the environment. I already own the original jelly bag but when something is this adorable you need every style.

Monki Edie Anorak Sweat
The Autumn collection is slowly making its way online at Monki and this sweatshirt jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. If you like big, bold print then Monki is your store. This would be perfect for keeping me cosy when travelling and just for general day to day wear. It also looks amazing dressed up. I can't wait to visit Monki in Paris in September and hopefully pick this up.

What is on your wishlist this month????

Until next time - love, peace and sparkles....


  1. These look great, I hope you get all your wishes doll!! Marvellous pieces xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I can only dream I end up owning them all :) xxx

  2. Oh dear, this makes me want to buy things! That t-shirt is awesome and I LOVE the shoes so much! Thanks for sharing your amazing list! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I wish I had the money to buy it all! Defintely only a wish list haha xxx


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