6 July 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Monki Style

What I'm wearing - Monki Skirt // Vintage Denim Jacket // New Look White Shirt // Adidas Trainers // Primark Sunglasses // Bonnie Bling Brooch 

Is there anything better than finding a new clothing store that you absolutely fall in love with?! I stumbled across Monki while down in London last month and fell in love with everything. Unfortunately the London store is the only UK store, but fear not - Monki is also available online and via ASOS.

I visited the store just as the Lynnie Zulu collection dropped and picked up a few pieces from the collection, as well as a few other bits (goodbye all my money!). And of course, since I came home from London, the online store has been my go to place for clothes (goodbye even more money!).

One of the Lynnie Zulu for Monki pieces I picked up in London was this skirt. I love clothes that look vintage but aren't vintage - vintage style without the vintage smell. I am trying to veer away from wearing jeans so much so this skirt was a perfect addition to my wardrobe. And even more so because I can wear it with my favourite footwear - trainers! I added a simple white cotton shirt, black beads and my vintage Levi denim jacket with Bonnie Bling 'Peely Wally' brooch to complete the outfit.

Well of course my outfit wasn't complete - hello Spongebob! I am not normally a fan of matching outfits but I couldn't resist my shoes and bag matching on this occasion. I love how worried Spongebob looks in these pictures - maybe the matching trainers were too much for him haha!

Expect to see a lot of Monki pieces on the blog in the coming months, and yes I may have another order on the way to me as I write this - sorry bank account! Oh and p.s - this skirt along with many other amazing pieces are now in the Monki sale. Happy shopping!

Until next time........

Love, peace and sparkles
All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan.


  1. Absolutely love this outfit, the colour co-ordination is spot on! You look fab xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. So everything about this is perfect!! Your hair, accessories and outfit are on point! So stunning. I love Monki, they have some beautiful prints lately and it's such affordable fashion. I got the watermelon looking stuff in everything! Awesome post hun, nailed it xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you so much Sophie!!! I love Monki too - only wish there was one in Scotland. xxx

  3. Love the shoes and the bag so much! You look amazing xxxx

    Almost Fayemous Fashion Blog

  4. Just so love this skirt, but it was sold out when I went to look, hahaha!! Not to worry. You look sublime in it doll :) Super super. Kizzy xx

  5. Oh no! They have the print in a dress and top also! Thank you so much xxxx

  6. This outfit is amazing! I wish they had a Monki in Glasgow - it's just not the same shopping on line, I want to go into the shop and try it all on! Lovely pics too - well done Lyn :) xx


    1. I wish we had a Monki too - I am not a massive fan of online shopping but needs must :) xxx

  7. Great outfit, I love your skirt and jacket :)

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