8 October 2015

Vintage Shopping Recommendations

Glasgowfashiongirl - Vintage Shopping Recommendations

I am the sort of girl that doesn't want to dress like everyone else. I couldn't care less about what is in fashion, how Vogue tell me how to wear something or which colours I should be wearing this season. I just buy and wear clothes I love. This is why I love vintage clothes.

Chances are when you turn up to an event wearing vintage no one else is going to be in the same outfit as you. Even more so when you are into 80's tacky vintage like me. I also find a lot of vintage pieces, especially sequinned pieces (my favourite), much better quality.

So to anyone who is looking for new vintage shops to discover or any vintage newbie's looking for shops to start their vintage journey here are my vintage shopping recommendations -

Sassy World
Run by the amazing Helena, Sassy World is your one stop vintage shop for all things bright and colourful. Helena sources only the most amazing prints and colourful pieces for her store. You need to be quick to snap up a Sassy World piece though - stock drops most Sundays at 7pm and is almost always an instant sell out.

CeCe Vintage - Baker Street, Middlesbrough
If boho vibes are your vintage preference then this is the vintage store for you. From vintage Levi's and cowboy boots to 80's sequinned pieces this store is the perfect boho babe shopping destination. For anyone not near the store you can place orders via Instagram.

Vintage Guru - Byres Road, Glasgow
In my opinion one of the best vintage shops in Glasgow. The rails are easy to look through and the clothes organised really well. It also doesn't smell like a vintage shop - sorry but the smell in some stores still kills me! There is a great mix of vintage and the prices are fantastic. Their Instagram page is updated throughout the day with new stock. If you are in Glasgow get yourself along to the store or you can place orders over the telephone.

We Are Cow
Unfortunately we don't have a store in Glasgow but the online store is fantastic. The website is easy to navigate and has lovely, clear photographs of the vintage on models (I like to see clothes on people). Again there is so much choice and a good mix of styles. I could (and do) spend hours on here looking at what is available. If you are lucky enough to have a store near you then you are in for a treat - the stores are filled to the brim with amazing pieces.

Suzanne's Vintage Closet
Think cute dresses, crazy shirts and amazing knitwear. I just picked up the most amazing 1980's dress for my Christmas night out from here and I cannot believe the quality of the dress. I would swear it was brand new. The prices here are so reasonable too. Definitely a store to keep your eye on!

Ebay and Depop
Do not forget trusty old Ebay and newbie Depop for picking up vintage. I have picked up so many sequin vintage pieces here for bargain prices. Just look out for people listing items as vintage when they aren't!

Where are your favourite places to shop for vintage?? Please let me know!

Lots of love
Vintage picture taken from Pinterest


  1. I love Vintage Guru. I bought a fur coat there years ago and wear it every winter. Great post Jennifer. xx

  2. Ooooo thanks for all the recommendations. I love vintage clothes on other people but have never been lucky or savvy enough to find beautiful ones for myself. I'll have a look around now on your recommendations and see what I can find! It's like a treasure hunt :) Li x

    1. Lianne you are in a fantastic City to go vintage shopping!!! Get yourself out there hunting for some New York beauties xxxx

  3. Tacky 80s fashion haha. I love your style, you pull it off and look great in whatever you wear :) :) xx

    An Impatient Scottish Girl

  4. I love We Are Cow! I much prefer buying vintage clothing as well, it's the best way to create a really unique style and wear outfits that nobody else will be wearing. I'll definitely be checking some the ones out that you mentioned.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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