10 November 2015

Change Of A Dress with Miss Selfridge

Change Of A Dress With Miss Selfridge - Glasgowfashiongirl

With the festive period almost here Miss Selfridge have launched their City Style Dress Hub. They have teamed up with four bloggers from four different UK cities to talk style and tips for partying in their city.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my city. When Miss Selfridge asked me to come to London to talk Glasgow style and partying in my city I jumped at the chance. I mean who would say no to dressing up in beautiful clothes, dancing to Beyonce all while talking about how amazing Glasgow is and how much we like to party.


  1. Looking absolutely smokin!!! 🔥🔥👌 xxx

  2. Amazing! You look stunning in all the dresses and it must have been a fun day heading down to talk about Glasgow. I completely agree - friendliest city in the world :) xx

  3. you are amazing! love this, you look utterly gorg xxx


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