21 November 2016

Outfit Of The Day - SpongeBob SquarePants









What I'm wearing - Minju Kim for H&M Coat via Depop, Topshop Pleated Trousers, Wolford Tights*, Vans Trainers, SpongeBob Bag via Depop, Swatch Watch* and Zara Scarf.

So on Sunday I decided that my outfit was nice enough to merit some blog photographs, something I haven't felt comfortable doing since April. This gorgeous coat that I tracked down on Depop needed to be photographed though, so I put my blogging fears aside and stood in front of the camera again. The look I went for - SpongeBob SquarePants - yellow and black with lots of dots.

But of course it was freezing and Lyn's hands were about to drop off, so we had to be quick. I was all like "oh don't take my scarf in the pictures it doesn't go" (why don't I own a black or yellow scarf?!) But as soon as I took my scarf off -  that perfect hair I had left the house with in the morning was gone and my neck and hands were going blue with the cold. Also my body was clenching up with the cold, so cue bad posture in all the photographs. 

This is the reality of being a blogger in Glasgow during winter. We are all standing there freezing, trying to look all cool and cute, when really inside we are all thinking about a warm cafe and a lovely hot cup of tea. So the scarf.....well it stayed off for about 5 minutes and I deserve a medal for managing that long. Maybe indoor blog pictures next time. 

Oh and one last thing........ it feels good to be back!

All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan-Ward.

11 November 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Masterclass

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

"Glasgow is a makeup mecca and the women here really understand the power of makeup, so its incredibly exciting for me to launch my first House of Fraser counter and continue my makeup revolution!" - Charlotte Tilbury

I will be honest - makeup is not my strong point. I can just about do foundation, blusher and mascara with no errors, but anything more than that is a bit of a minefield for me. So when House of Fraser got in touch with me and asked if I would like to take part in a makeup masterclass with the amazing Charlotte Tilbury, as part of her launch at House Of Fraser Glasgow, I jumped at the chance. 

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Charlotte, she has worked in the makeup industry for over 20 years - working with A-list models, celebrities and designers. Charlotte's mantra for her makeup and beauty line is EASY TO CHOOSE, EASY TO USE AND IRRESISTIBLE. And it really is that easy. You can choose your make up from a collection of 10 colour coded looks which reflect the lifestyle and personality of 10 different women. These include The Rebel, The Bombshell, and the Golden Goddess. The makeup is available to buy together as a set or as individual pieces so you can mix and match the looks. I was lucky enough last month to have my makeup done by one of the Charlotte Tilbury makeup artists and was blown away by the products they used - so I couldn't wait to get a chance to have a play around with them myself.

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

On arrival at the masterclass we were greeted with the most beautiful set up. Everyone had their own makeup station complete with mirror, brushes and Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch Makeup Kit. This is what we would be using to create our makeup look. Inside the clutch is Hot Lips Lipstick in Secret Salma, Legendary Lashes Mascara, Legendary Lip Liner in Bitten Kiss (exclusive to the makeup kit but is so amazing that it needs to be released on its own - the perfect natural lip colour), Legendary Eye Liner and The Legendary Muse Luxury Eye Palette. There is even a lipstick shaped USB stick with a video of Charlotte showing you how to create 'The Dreamy Look'. However on this occasion I didn't need the USB as I had Charlotte personally showing me what to do.

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch

Before Charlotte arrived we prepped our skin using Charlotte's Magic Cream and then Wonderglow. After this we were matched for our choice of foundation. I went for Light Wonder in Shade 3 (I was wearing fake tan or I would have been shade 1). I previously tried the Magic Foundation and I think I prefer this over the Light Wonder foundation. Then we were all set and ready to start the class.

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte arrived and talked us through her career, makeup and beauty lines. She is so warm and chatty and spoke to everyone, answering everyone's questions as we went along. It was then down to work. Charlotte worked on her model while explaining to us what to do. 

It was such a great atmosphere with everyone chatting away and helping each other. We got to use everything included in the makeup kit along with a few other products including the Filmstar Bronze and Glow which I loved! This had been added to my list for Santa along with the foundation and powder. I have never used contour before but this is so simple to use. I may still need a little practice on using it though as I realised during the class I was contouring completely the wrong part of my nose. I really don't have a clue when it comes to makeup - thank god for Charlotte helping me out. We were also lucky to have the team from Charlotte Tilbury Glasgow helping us out with any problems during the class - special thanks to the lovely lady who helped me with my eye liner - another thing I can't seem to master.

In my opinion the highlight of The Dreamy Look kit is the gorgeous The Legendary Eyeshadow Palette. Eyeshadow is quite a new thing for me and I really can't wait to try out some new looks with this. And to make it even easier all of Charlotte's eyeshadow palettes are numbered so you know the order to apply them.

The Legandary Muse Eyeshadow Pallet

Naturally when I am involved in something like this there always has to be something of a calamity - I don't get called Calamity Jen for nothing. Half way through the class a light decided to fall over and hit me on the head. Cue a very red face from me - but no damage thankfully. Thanks to everyone, including Charlotte, who checked I was OK. She even checked with me again before I left - what a sweetheart!

After the class finished everyone spent time comparing looks and chatting about the makeup. It is amazing how the same products can look completely different on different people. Everyone looked amazing. We also had a good chance to look about the Charlotte Tilbury Gifts for Christmas which were set up around the room. I hope Santa knows I have been very good this year.  Charlotte then invited everyone up to take selfies with her before she left. I love a good selfie.

Glasgowfashiongirl - Charlotte Tilbury

I learned so much from Charlotte in this class and hopefully I can work on my makeup skills using what she taught me. We were also lucky enough to be given the Dreamy Look in a Clutch to take home with us, so I will be practising my looks using these products.

I have fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury makeup and I can honestly say it is bloody brilliant. From the shadows to the lipsticks - everything is fabulous. And a special shout out to the lipsticks - I have the driest lips ever and the lipsticks are like a dream! I know for sure Charlotte Tilbury will be a regular feature in my makeup bag for a very long time to come. 

For anyone who wants to try out any of the products Charlotte Tilbury is now opened in House of Fraser in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Everyone can pop along for a 15 minute complimentary Quick Tricks makeover or for £35 (redeemable against products) you can have a full 60 minute Transformation Makeover  - which I highly recommend if you have a special event to attend or just fancy looking amazing.

Special thanks to Charlotte Tilbury and her team for having me along for such an amazing day and thank you to House of Fraser Glasgow for inviting me along.

19 September 2016

My Hair Care Regime

Glasgowfashiongirl - My Hair Regime

I need to start this blog post off with a disclaimer. I in no way think I have amazing hair. I don't have cascading locks that would make Rapunzel jealous. In fact I have been rocking this bob and fringe for the past 32 years. My hair has been through the wars these past few years. It has been blonde, brown, black, orange, pink and back to blonde. My hair has split ends and I probably damage it way too much with my excessive straightener use (if you saw it in it's natural style you would understand why!) - But you know what? It hasn't fallen out yet so I must be doing something right.
I do keep my hair short and get regular haircuts to keep it healthy, but I also use lots of products. I have pretty much used the same products for the past few years. So want to know how I look after my bob? Read on......
Regular haircuts and colour at Kevin O'Neill Hair Salon
There are so many amazing salons in Glasgow that people really are spoilt for choice. Every so often I will try a new salon and love them, but I always end up back at this salon. No one can cut my hair and more importantly my fringe the way Ainsley, my stylist, can. She is the queen of fringe cutting. I have my hair cut and coloured every 2 months with fringe cuts in between. A half head of highlights is much kinder on my hair than my previous full head bleach. Always be careful when a hairdresser is using bleach on your hair and never be afraid to question a hairdresser or complain when you don't like the final outcome.
Argan Blonde Silver Shampoo *
Silver shampoo is a staple for anyone with blonde hair. No one wants brassy, yellow toned hair and silver shampoo helps to eliminate this. This shampoo is a new addition to my hair care regime. I previously used another brand of silver shampoo which left my hair feeling quite dry. I was kindly sent this shampoo to test, and fell in love with it. Every time I wash my hair with it I get so many comments about the colour asking if it has been freshly done. It also gives my hair volume which no shampoo has been able to do before. If you don't need the toning side of the shampoo I can highly recommend the Argan Renew Shampoo which left my hair lovely and soft and full of volume. These shampoos really do seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to adding volume to your hair.
Redken Extreme Shampoo
This shampoo saved my hair a few years ago when it was completely destroyed by a bad hairdresser and too much bleach. I use this alternatively with my silver shampoo. My hair feels amazing after using this. A little more expensive than a basic bottle of shampoo but worth every penny. I can also highly recommend the Redken Extreme conditioner.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Take The Heat Deep Treatment
Although marketed as a treatment I use this as my usual conditioner and it is hands down my favourite. I think they changed the formula recently, which is annoying, but it is still the best at leaving my hair feeling soft and manageable. It is also great to leave on overnight as a treatment.
Hask Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil
These oils costs around £2.50 and seem to work better on my hair than the more expensive alternatives available. Great for keeping your hair smooth and soft. My hair is just plain fluffy without it.
Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment
Another saviour from when my hair was totally destroyed from bleach. Although I don't reach for this as often as I should, I always make sure I have a bottle available for when my hair feels a little too over-processed and starts to snap.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
The original and the best hair mask for dry hair. It has been an industry favourite for years and I can see why. I use this on my hair overnight at least once a week and wake up with lovely soft, nourished hair.
TRESemme Protect Heat Defence Spray
As a hair straightener addict I have been using the spray for more years that I care to remember. I have tried a few different sprays and this one is definitely the best and amazing for the price. The thought of people using straighteners without heat defence spray gives me the fear! Please always use protection!
So these are the products that have looked after my hair for the past few years. I am always looking for new products to try out so if you have any recommendations please send them my way.


3 July 2016

Six Great Things About June


Let's just pretend April and May never happened and not that I was too lazy to blog about them. Oh June - you haven't been the best of months. But sometimes you need to concentrate on the good things that have happened - no matter how silly and insignificant they seem.  Everyday may not be good but there is something good in everyday.
1. We went on holiday to Copenhagen
We spent 4 glorious sunny days in Copenhagen at the start of June. We saw The Little Mermaid, ate way too much ice-cream, went on boat cruises, shopped, spent hours at the beautiful Nyhavn, went on bus tours, visited Christiania, got freaked out by the rides at Tivoli and shopped some more.

I was lucky enough to visit Copenhagen when one of my favourite vintage sellers, Eltoft Vintage, was hosting an open house sale. Presently she doesn't sell online so I normally have to contend with just swooning over her stock on instagram. It was so lovely to finally meet her in the flesh and swoon over her stock in real life. I may have done a little shopping - well it would have been rude not too! I was also lucky enough to meet my instagram girl crush at the event - the lovely Mathilde. Her instagram is my absolute favourite and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. 

I would highly recommend a visit to Copenhagen to anyone. Please don't be put off by people saying it is expensive. Denmark isn't called the happiest place in the world for no reason - it is truly beautiful and the people are lovely.

2. I went blonde again
Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with my hair. Yes I have basically had the same hair cut since I was 3, but I do like to change the colour. I made the stupid mistake of dying my hair darker and it didn't exactly turn out how I wanted it. As silly as it sounds the mucky colour of my hair kinda made me depressed and I didn't feel like myself anymore. I left it for 2 long months then decided it was time to hit the bleach again!

My hair is probably going to hate me forever thanks to the full head bleach I subjected it too but hey ho! I definitely feel like myself again. Who knows - I might even stick a little pink back in there soon.

3. Jimmy got a First Class Honours Degree at Uni
6 years of hard work paid off.I am very, very proud of Jimmy. My boyfriend is a smarty pants! I mean I always knew he was smarter than me and I guess this proves it - but Jimmy, I am still funnier than you!

Now it is time for him to start job hunting .........in Newcastle! Fingers crossed it is goodbye to Lincoln soon. 

4. Orange Is The New Black was back on TV and Game of Thrones ended with lots of girl power!
If you haven't watched Orange Is The New Black on Netflix then get it on! I don't want to give anything away but this series is amazing.I watched it all in two days and went through so many emotions. I can't believe I need to wait a whole year for the next series.

And of course a whole 10 months before the next series of Game of Thrones! This was an amazing series of GOT, and even though I was sad to see it end, I was so happy to see how strong and powerful the female characters have become this series. I can't wait for April 2017 for the next series.

5. I wrote my most popular blog post ever
So when I wrote this post I was feeling a bit angry about some things I had heard. The post was basically just  a little rant from me. I never expected so many people to read such a personal post. I thought people just liked outfit pictures. Guess not. Thank you to everyone who read my post and shared it. Maybe I will share some more personal posts in the future.

6. I started reading again
Back when I wrote my 2016 Goals post I mentioned how I wanted to start reading books again. It has taken me a while but I have got back into the swing of reading again and I am loving it. 

I am currently reading the Grant Country series by Karin Slaughter recommend to me by Lyn. It's is a bit graphic and maybe isn't for everyone but I am loving it so far. If you have read any great books recently I would love your recommendations.

Here is hoping for a wonderful July and lots of sunny days.

15 June 2016

Why Does She Even Have a Fashion Blog?


Blog: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Can I technically call myself a blogger? I mean I don't blog regularly, I can't do the poses and damn it, I don't get sent free clothes to model. Or maybe that isn't what makes a blogger. Maybe what makes a blogger is that I have my own little space on the internet for me. For me to say here I am. This is me. I can write and post photographs of whatever I like.

When I was 16 years old a TV show called Sex and The City aired on channel 4 and Carrie Bradshaw was brought into my life. Carrie changed everything for me. This amazing woman who dressed completely different to everyone else. The bright colours, the vintage, the corsages, the tacky gold jewellery and the miss-matched shoes. Carrie Bradshaw gave my personal style life.  And because of her I am who I am now. I like to add a little bit of Carrie into all my outfits. I love colour. I love sequins for any occasion. I love 80's fashion. And sometimes I love just a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. That is my personal style.

Like I said my blog was created as my little personal space on the World Wide Web. I didn't start my blog in the hope that I would become a famous blogger or to get sent free stuff. My blog was created to push me to be more creative in my style. To step away from my wardrobe basic pieces every now and then and wear all those lovely items I had been "keeping for good". I also wanted to remind people that style has no age or size restrictions - wear what you want. If I got some comments saying someone loved my shoes or top - well that was just an added bonus! Everyone loves a compliment.

But along with the compliments comes the negativity. Some people really do think their opinions on my personal style matter. And basically....... it doesn't. It is called personal style because it is personal to me. No one else needs to like it. In fact when people don't like items of clothing it makes me love it more. 

I will make mistakes with fashion; I will look back on some photographs and be like why did you wear that? But that is OK. My look is still evolving. I am still learning what suits me - even after 34 years.  And yes, I will buy an item that 1 million other people have bought and will wear at the same event as me, but I will also buy that one off vintage piece that no one else has bought because it was ugly. I will rock that ugly top and own that look.

So the next time you ask yourself why someone has a fashion blog - just remember that it is their little space online for them to do whatever they want. 
What I am wearing: Quay Australia Sunglasses// Boohoo Top// Monki Trousers (Sold Out)// Black Vans // The Whitepepper Bag (Sold Out)


28 April 2016

Alexa Chung - The Harry Blouse

When I first heard about Alexa Chung teaming up with Marks and Spencer to create an Archive inspired collection I knew there would be something I would want. Turns out there were a few items I wanted, but one more than the rest. The Harry Blouse. As soon as I seen Alexa wearing it I knew I had to have it.

Of course I knew there would be a great demand for the collection and with Marks being really cagey about the launch time myself and Lyn devised a plan. Whoever got online first would order the others person's items. So the morning came, I woke up early - nothing on the web page. Looked on Twitter. Everyone talking about the items they had bought which had gone on sale on the app. Que panic mode downloading the app and ordering stuff. Feeling all chuffed I messaged Lyn - don't worry I got us the stuff before it sold out...... However, it didn't sell out and it's still for sale. M&S did the unthinkable thing and actually ordered enough stock! Which means those other pieces I didn't pick up on the day are still available and I can still buy them. Elsie Dress I am looking at you.

This shirt is actually something a bit different for me and at first I wasn't sure how to style it. I went for a more casual look with it and teamed it up with these crop kick jeans; this style of jean is everywhere this year. To be honest I haven't been into Gap for years until I went in and picked out these jeans, but I will definitely be back. The jeans are a perfect fit for me, which also means I can order online without worrying about them fitting me or not. After seeing these photographs I think next time I will style the shirt tucked into jeans or trousers.

A word of warning - you will probably need someone to help fasten and loosen the buttons on the back of the shirt for you! I may have had to go out with the buttons loose until someone could button them up for me haha!

Did you pick up any pieces from the Alexa collection? I would also love to know how you would style this shirt?
All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan-Ward

24 April 2016

Favourite Fashion Bloggers

Style inspiration comes from many places. I can personally spend hours watching Sex and the City over and over taking inspiration from my style icon Carrie Bradshaw. And, like most people now, a lot of my style inspiration comes from real life women posting pictures of themselves online. All hail the amazing fashion bloggers! Real life girls (not models, although most look like models) wearing clothes I can actually pop down the high street to buy.

There are loads of fashion bloggers that I religiously follow and although their style might not be the same as mine, I can appreciate how perfectly flawless and put together their outfits are. I think in fashion you really need to be open to everyone's style - even if it is not the same as yours. If everyone looked the same the world would be a pretty boring place.

Even though I have loads of blogs that I follow and love there are a few that really stand out and I always check out their posts as soon as they go online. I tend to be drawn to fashion bloggers with similar taste to mine and people who don't look like they tried to hard too stand out. Girls with their own personal style. These are some of my go to blogs for fashion inspiration:

Photo Credit: Jen Electro
I have been following Jen's blog for years and absolutely adore her style. Her style, which is a mix of vintage and high street, really makes her stand out from the crowd. And don't get me started on my love for her amazing, ever changing hair. Jen's style is really natural and that is why she is one of my favourite bloggers.

Photo Credit: Pages by Megan
Another blogger with amazing personal style which I adore. Think lots of denim, leather jackets and an abundance of rock and roll/indie style. Jeans and a simple t-shirt never looked so good!

Photo Credit: Pandora Sykes
Pandora is my high end blogger crush, although she does feature high street and vintage loads too. She isn't afraid to make a statement when putting together an outfit and can carry off the casual look so well. What I would give to have a rummage in her wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Lynnie-Bop
Lyn is my go to fashion person for advice. She is absolutely fantastic at styling her outfits and her bag and jewellery collection make me swoon. I love that we share a love for fashion and can spend hours talking about clothes. Most of all I just love her as a person - she is fashionable, cute, makes me laugh and has killer style.

Photo Credit: Helibells
Helena is your go to girl for super bright, vintage style. Owner of the amazing Sassy World Helena was never going to be rocking anything beige. Even if brightly coloured clothes aren't your thing you can't deny how well Helena puts her outfits together. I have total wardrobe envy!

Photo Credit: What Olivia Did
Olivia's effortless fashionable look paired with bright lipstick makes me wish I could dress more like her, and sometimes I try - but damn it never looks as good on me. Her beautiful style mixed with beautiful images makes her blog a must read. Having met Olivia when we shot together for Miss Selfridge and knowing she is an absolutely lovely girl makes me love her blog even more.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers? I would love you know your recommendations.


10 April 2016

Rainbow Shoes with Rainbow Club

Shoes - Stevie Satin shoes* with Xenia shoe clips*, Scarf from Cleo Ferin Mercury

The one thing I always struggle with when picking outfits for special events is my shoes. You know when you think of the most amazing colour of shoes to match your outfit and most of the time the shops just don't have that right shade. So annoying! Well now that never needs to happen thanks to the Rainbow Club

So here is how it works. You pick a pair of shoes from the amazing range online (also available from retailers), then it is the fun part. You can then customise the shoes to any colour you want. Rainbow shoes will send you a colour pack so you can pick the perfect shade to match your outfit. If you are all about the matching shoes and handbags - well they can dye the handbag to match too!

I went for Stevie satin pump shoes (because I can only do flats) in an amazing Barbie pink colour. Who knew there were so many shades of pink to choose from. I added the Xenia shoe clips because they reminded me so much of a certain shoe my gal Carrie got married in. The shoe clips can be used on your other shoes too. And for the record - the shoes are comfortable! I am all about that comfy shoe life.

So whether you are looking for the perfect wedding shoes for you or your bridesmaids or just want the perfect colour of shoes for an event then the  Rainbow Club has you covered. I personally can't wait to style my satin shoes with some jeans and t-shirts for a more casual look over the coming months. Look out for them appearing in a post soon!

All photographs and words are my own.
Special thanks to Rainbow Club for my beautiful shoes and shoe clips.

4 April 2016

Six Great Things About March


1. Attending Spring/Summer Press Events
I am most definitely a Winter person when it comes to fashion, but I do love when the Spring/Summer ranges appear in stores. Hello colour! I was lucky enough to attend both the House of Fraser and Debenhams press launches in March. Not only did I get to see what both stores have available for the new season, but I also got to hang out with my friends I met through blogging.  And for the record - the House of Fraser Biba range is everything and I am dying over Savannah Miller underwear/sleepwear for Debenhams.

2. Getting to Watch Movies with My Favourites
My movie watching resolution is still going strong. Me and my horror buddies met up at the start of the month, for hopefully the beginning of a monthly horror movie meet up. First up on the movie front we watched the classic House on Haunted Hill. Then it was onto The Loved Ones Two great movies which I recommend.

Next up I went to see Hail Caesar with some other friends. This was my first Coen Brothers movie and I really enjoyed it.

I also watched Twinsters, Dior and I and The Martian with Jimmy. We also went along to the cinema to see Batman V Superman. It was a lot better than I expected and Ben Affleck made a good Batman. I didn't think I would ever be saying that as I am not a fan of him.

3. Celebrating Mother's Day with my family
A whole day hanging out with my family eating cake. Bliss! Again I visited the lovely The Butterfly and The Pig for afternoon tea. I definitely recommend a visit for anyone looking for afternoon tea in Glasgow. I feel like I have tried so many afternoon teas now I should write a review on them all :)

4. A Westie won Crufts
I know Crufts isn't for everyone, but I was beyond happy to see a Westie win this year. I have had my Westie Rio for almost 13 years now and he is the best wee dog ever. I would recommend the breed to anyone looking for a dog. Although how they managed to get the dog to behave at Crufts I will never know, Westies are crazy!

5. Jimmy finished Uni after 6 years
Jimmy started his Uni course just as we started going out with each other 6 years ago. At the time he was still in RAF full time and working away. Fast forward 6 years and he had left the RAF, but was still working full time and sitting exams/studying every spare moment he had. I can happily say that all that is behind him now and his dissertation is now complete and has been sent away for marking. I am absolutely over the moon for him. It was such hard work and he didn't give up. Well done Jimmy! 

6. Last but not least......... Jimmy
I got to see Jimmy after almost 2 months apart!!! 

For anyone who doesn't know myself and my partner Jimmy are in a long distance relationship. Me being based in Glasgow and him in Lincoln. We try to see each other as often as possible, but due to Jimmy finishing his dissertation we decided not to see each other until the end of March. It was so good to finally be back together and we had a fantastic time. We visited Bicester Village, went to the cinema, walked around Lincoln, watched movies, ate rubbish and basically just chilled out and enjoyed each other's company. Now that Jimmy has finished his dissertation we can now start making plans for our future together :)

Here is to a wonderful April........

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