10 January 2016

January Favourites

I am trying to be a good blogger, like I promised, and blog every week. I said in my last blog I wanted to add some new content to Glasgowfashiongirl and since the weather has been way to miserable for any outfit shoots I thought I would try something new. So here it is. A round up of my favourite things from December into January. Enjoy......


I lost a week of my life recently to this documentary, and also my mind. I am sure everyone knows about this documentary by now which is currently showing on Netflix. I won't give anything away, but this documentary will have you debating with your friends and questioning law enforcement and the court system for years to come. Fantastic TV, but prepare to be saddened and angry with the events that are shown. A must see!


When it comes to make-up I can just about master the basics. I can apply foundation, highlight and slap on the blusher. I am even partial to a nice bright lip colour. Eyes. Eyes were something I could never do. Even when watching endless videos with amazing artists blending eyeshadows perfectly - I just couldn't do it. That was until I came across Lisa Benefit's You Tube channel. Lisa makes eye make-up, and make-up in general, look easy and fun. A lot of her videos also come with cameos from her gorgeous dog Snoppy - which means I am hooked. 

Lisa released her Easy On The Eyes recently and with Santa bringing me lots of new make-up this has been my go to reference book for eye make-up. The book covers eye make-up looks in 5, 15 and 30 minutes and gives you step by step details on how to create the looks.

This book ties in perfectly with these amazing KIKO eyeshadows I purchased from their newly opened store in the Glasgow Fort. Now I may not know a lot about make-up but I know these are amazing. The pigment is fantastic and they stay on - even with no primer. I picked up shades 146 (pink) and 151(lilac) and they were only £2.90. I am definitely going back next week to pick up more.


My favourite candle company Flamingo Candles have been keeping my home smelling amazing for the past couple of years. I recently tried out their scent melts and I am in love. The fragrance from the melts before you even burn them is amazing and I have taken to just leaving the box open in my room. As you can imagine they are even more amazing when they are burning. It is a great way to test out scents before buying candles.

You can now also join their The Melt Crowd. For £10 per month you will be sent 8 amazing scent melts and your first order comes with a wax burner. I guarantee you not be disappointed. Next on my list is the Parma Violets candle - yummy!!


Ema's blog has been one of my favourites for a few years now. She has a great mix of fashion, beauty and general life posts. I love to see what Ema wears in her posts as she has her own sense of style and doesn't follow the crowd when it comes to fashion. We also share a love for all things Monki. You can also follow Ema on Instagram were I stalk her mostly haha!


Can it please stop raining/snowing already so I can wear my amazing Ted and Muffy Comet boots* more? Aren't they just beautiful? I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. They made me think of something Marie Antoinette would wear crossed with boots a Pirate would wear (haha). It is so unusual to find high boots in anything other than black. They were the perfect addition to my wardrobe. But best of all - they are now reduced in the Ted and Muffy sale from £375 to £150!!! And with the Ted and Muffy Fairytale Fit the boots will be fitted perfectly to your legs - so no falling down or too tight on your legs.


Obviously I couldn't mention my favourites in January and not mention the sales. I said this year I wouldn't buy much in the sales as I have tried to be a more sassy shopper and not buy stuff that I didn't really need. Well as you can guess I failed miserably - but I did need it all! I think my wardrobe is now stocked with enough clothes to see me into next year. All my favourite stores delivered me bargains - Monki, Topshop, Zara, Schuh, Skinnydip, Lazy Oaf................. Now I just need to find room in my wardrobe for all my new goodies.

So this post was a long one! Thank you to those who stayed with me to the end. I would love to know if this was something you enjoyed? I will be back in February with my next favourites instalment and back soon with another post.

Have a fantastic week! Love

All photographs are my own, except Making a Murderer image taken from Netflix.


  1. Fab new blog feature! I've taken your recommendation of Lisa's make-up videos and I'm loving her one on trying out next season's beauty trends :)


    1. Thanks Louise. Her videos are fab and she manages to make everything so look so easy! xxx

  2. Love your boots!



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