28 April 2016

Alexa Chung - The Harry Blouse

When I first heard about Alexa Chung teaming up with Marks and Spencer to create an Archive inspired collection I knew there would be something I would want. Turns out there were a few items I wanted, but one more than the rest. The Harry Blouse. As soon as I seen Alexa wearing it I knew I had to have it.

Of course I knew there would be a great demand for the collection and with Marks being really cagey about the launch time myself and Lyn devised a plan. Whoever got online first would order the others person's items. So the morning came, I woke up early - nothing on the web page. Looked on Twitter. Everyone talking about the items they had bought which had gone on sale on the app. Que panic mode downloading the app and ordering stuff. Feeling all chuffed I messaged Lyn - don't worry I got us the stuff before it sold out...... However, it didn't sell out and it's still for sale. M&S did the unthinkable thing and actually ordered enough stock! Which means those other pieces I didn't pick up on the day are still available and I can still buy them. Elsie Dress I am looking at you.

This shirt is actually something a bit different for me and at first I wasn't sure how to style it. I went for a more casual look with it and teamed it up with these crop kick jeans; this style of jean is everywhere this year. To be honest I haven't been into Gap for years until I went in and picked out these jeans, but I will definitely be back. The jeans are a perfect fit for me, which also means I can order online without worrying about them fitting me or not. After seeing these photographs I think next time I will style the shirt tucked into jeans or trousers.

A word of warning - you will probably need someone to help fasten and loosen the buttons on the back of the shirt for you! I may have had to go out with the buttons loose until someone could button them up for me haha!

Did you pick up any pieces from the Alexa collection? I would also love to know how you would style this shirt?
All photographs taken by Lyn Duncan-Ward

24 April 2016

Favourite Fashion Bloggers

Style inspiration comes from many places. I can personally spend hours watching Sex and the City over and over taking inspiration from my style icon Carrie Bradshaw. And, like most people now, a lot of my style inspiration comes from real life women posting pictures of themselves online. All hail the amazing fashion bloggers! Real life girls (not models, although most look like models) wearing clothes I can actually pop down the high street to buy.

There are loads of fashion bloggers that I religiously follow and although their style might not be the same as mine, I can appreciate how perfectly flawless and put together their outfits are. I think in fashion you really need to be open to everyone's style - even if it is not the same as yours. If everyone looked the same the world would be a pretty boring place.

Even though I have loads of blogs that I follow and love there are a few that really stand out and I always check out their posts as soon as they go online. I tend to be drawn to fashion bloggers with similar taste to mine and people who don't look like they tried to hard too stand out. Girls with their own personal style. These are some of my go to blogs for fashion inspiration:

Photo Credit: Jen Electro
I have been following Jen's blog for years and absolutely adore her style. Her style, which is a mix of vintage and high street, really makes her stand out from the crowd. And don't get me started on my love for her amazing, ever changing hair. Jen's style is really natural and that is why she is one of my favourite bloggers.

Photo Credit: Pages by Megan
Another blogger with amazing personal style which I adore. Think lots of denim, leather jackets and an abundance of rock and roll/indie style. Jeans and a simple t-shirt never looked so good!

Photo Credit: Pandora Sykes
Pandora is my high end blogger crush, although she does feature high street and vintage loads too. She isn't afraid to make a statement when putting together an outfit and can carry off the casual look so well. What I would give to have a rummage in her wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Lynnie-Bop
Lyn is my go to fashion person for advice. She is absolutely fantastic at styling her outfits and her bag and jewellery collection make me swoon. I love that we share a love for fashion and can spend hours talking about clothes. Most of all I just love her as a person - she is fashionable, cute, makes me laugh and has killer style.

Photo Credit: Helibells
Helena is your go to girl for super bright, vintage style. Owner of the amazing Sassy World Helena was never going to be rocking anything beige. Even if brightly coloured clothes aren't your thing you can't deny how well Helena puts her outfits together. I have total wardrobe envy!

Photo Credit: What Olivia Did
Olivia's effortless fashionable look paired with bright lipstick makes me wish I could dress more like her, and sometimes I try - but damn it never looks as good on me. Her beautiful style mixed with beautiful images makes her blog a must read. Having met Olivia when we shot together for Miss Selfridge and knowing she is an absolutely lovely girl makes me love her blog even more.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers? I would love you know your recommendations.


10 April 2016

Rainbow Shoes with Rainbow Club

Shoes - Stevie Satin shoes* with Xenia shoe clips*, Scarf from Cleo Ferin Mercury

The one thing I always struggle with when picking outfits for special events is my shoes. You know when you think of the most amazing colour of shoes to match your outfit and most of the time the shops just don't have that right shade. So annoying! Well now that never needs to happen thanks to the Rainbow Club

So here is how it works. You pick a pair of shoes from the amazing range online (also available from retailers), then it is the fun part. You can then customise the shoes to any colour you want. Rainbow shoes will send you a colour pack so you can pick the perfect shade to match your outfit. If you are all about the matching shoes and handbags - well they can dye the handbag to match too!

I went for Stevie satin pump shoes (because I can only do flats) in an amazing Barbie pink colour. Who knew there were so many shades of pink to choose from. I added the Xenia shoe clips because they reminded me so much of a certain shoe my gal Carrie got married in. The shoe clips can be used on your other shoes too. And for the record - the shoes are comfortable! I am all about that comfy shoe life.

So whether you are looking for the perfect wedding shoes for you or your bridesmaids or just want the perfect colour of shoes for an event then the  Rainbow Club has you covered. I personally can't wait to style my satin shoes with some jeans and t-shirts for a more casual look over the coming months. Look out for them appearing in a post soon!

All photographs and words are my own.
Special thanks to Rainbow Club for my beautiful shoes and shoe clips.

4 April 2016

Six Great Things About March


1. Attending Spring/Summer Press Events
I am most definitely a Winter person when it comes to fashion, but I do love when the Spring/Summer ranges appear in stores. Hello colour! I was lucky enough to attend both the House of Fraser and Debenhams press launches in March. Not only did I get to see what both stores have available for the new season, but I also got to hang out with my friends I met through blogging.  And for the record - the House of Fraser Biba range is everything and I am dying over Savannah Miller underwear/sleepwear for Debenhams.

2. Getting to Watch Movies with My Favourites
My movie watching resolution is still going strong. Me and my horror buddies met up at the start of the month, for hopefully the beginning of a monthly horror movie meet up. First up on the movie front we watched the classic House on Haunted Hill. Then it was onto The Loved Ones Two great movies which I recommend.

Next up I went to see Hail Caesar with some other friends. This was my first Coen Brothers movie and I really enjoyed it.

I also watched Twinsters, Dior and I and The Martian with Jimmy. We also went along to the cinema to see Batman V Superman. It was a lot better than I expected and Ben Affleck made a good Batman. I didn't think I would ever be saying that as I am not a fan of him.

3. Celebrating Mother's Day with my family
A whole day hanging out with my family eating cake. Bliss! Again I visited the lovely The Butterfly and The Pig for afternoon tea. I definitely recommend a visit for anyone looking for afternoon tea in Glasgow. I feel like I have tried so many afternoon teas now I should write a review on them all :)

4. A Westie won Crufts
I know Crufts isn't for everyone, but I was beyond happy to see a Westie win this year. I have had my Westie Rio for almost 13 years now and he is the best wee dog ever. I would recommend the breed to anyone looking for a dog. Although how they managed to get the dog to behave at Crufts I will never know, Westies are crazy!

5. Jimmy finished Uni after 6 years
Jimmy started his Uni course just as we started going out with each other 6 years ago. At the time he was still in RAF full time and working away. Fast forward 6 years and he had left the RAF, but was still working full time and sitting exams/studying every spare moment he had. I can happily say that all that is behind him now and his dissertation is now complete and has been sent away for marking. I am absolutely over the moon for him. It was such hard work and he didn't give up. Well done Jimmy! 

6. Last but not least......... Jimmy
I got to see Jimmy after almost 2 months apart!!! 

For anyone who doesn't know myself and my partner Jimmy are in a long distance relationship. Me being based in Glasgow and him in Lincoln. We try to see each other as often as possible, but due to Jimmy finishing his dissertation we decided not to see each other until the end of March. It was so good to finally be back together and we had a fantastic time. We visited Bicester Village, went to the cinema, walked around Lincoln, watched movies, ate rubbish and basically just chilled out and enjoyed each other's company. Now that Jimmy has finished his dissertation we can now start making plans for our future together :)

Here is to a wonderful April........

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