24 April 2016

Favourite Fashion Bloggers

Style inspiration comes from many places. I can personally spend hours watching Sex and the City over and over taking inspiration from my style icon Carrie Bradshaw. And, like most people now, a lot of my style inspiration comes from real life women posting pictures of themselves online. All hail the amazing fashion bloggers! Real life girls (not models, although most look like models) wearing clothes I can actually pop down the high street to buy.

There are loads of fashion bloggers that I religiously follow and although their style might not be the same as mine, I can appreciate how perfectly flawless and put together their outfits are. I think in fashion you really need to be open to everyone's style - even if it is not the same as yours. If everyone looked the same the world would be a pretty boring place.

Even though I have loads of blogs that I follow and love there are a few that really stand out and I always check out their posts as soon as they go online. I tend to be drawn to fashion bloggers with similar taste to mine and people who don't look like they tried to hard too stand out. Girls with their own personal style. These are some of my go to blogs for fashion inspiration:

Photo Credit: Jen Electro
I have been following Jen's blog for years and absolutely adore her style. Her style, which is a mix of vintage and high street, really makes her stand out from the crowd. And don't get me started on my love for her amazing, ever changing hair. Jen's style is really natural and that is why she is one of my favourite bloggers.

Photo Credit: Pages by Megan
Another blogger with amazing personal style which I adore. Think lots of denim, leather jackets and an abundance of rock and roll/indie style. Jeans and a simple t-shirt never looked so good!

Photo Credit: Pandora Sykes
Pandora is my high end blogger crush, although she does feature high street and vintage loads too. She isn't afraid to make a statement when putting together an outfit and can carry off the casual look so well. What I would give to have a rummage in her wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Lynnie-Bop
Lyn is my go to fashion person for advice. She is absolutely fantastic at styling her outfits and her bag and jewellery collection make me swoon. I love that we share a love for fashion and can spend hours talking about clothes. Most of all I just love her as a person - she is fashionable, cute, makes me laugh and has killer style.

Photo Credit: Helibells
Helena is your go to girl for super bright, vintage style. Owner of the amazing Sassy World Helena was never going to be rocking anything beige. Even if brightly coloured clothes aren't your thing you can't deny how well Helena puts her outfits together. I have total wardrobe envy!

Photo Credit: What Olivia Did
Olivia's effortless fashionable look paired with bright lipstick makes me wish I could dress more like her, and sometimes I try - but damn it never looks as good on me. Her beautiful style mixed with beautiful images makes her blog a must read. Having met Olivia when we shot together for Miss Selfridge and knowing she is an absolutely lovely girl makes me love her blog even more.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers? I would love you know your recommendations.



  1. Thank you so much for including me! Your so sweet! I'm loving all your other picks although feel they are in a slightly higher league than me! But hey, still feels good to be amongst them! Xxx

    1. Not a higher league at all! You are amazing xxx

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