10 April 2016

Rainbow Shoes with Rainbow Club

Shoes - Stevie Satin shoes* with Xenia shoe clips*, Scarf from Cleo Ferin Mercury

The one thing I always struggle with when picking outfits for special events is my shoes. You know when you think of the most amazing colour of shoes to match your outfit and most of the time the shops just don't have that right shade. So annoying! Well now that never needs to happen thanks to the Rainbow Club

So here is how it works. You pick a pair of shoes from the amazing range online (also available from retailers), then it is the fun part. You can then customise the shoes to any colour you want. Rainbow shoes will send you a colour pack so you can pick the perfect shade to match your outfit. If you are all about the matching shoes and handbags - well they can dye the handbag to match too!

I went for Stevie satin pump shoes (because I can only do flats) in an amazing Barbie pink colour. Who knew there were so many shades of pink to choose from. I added the Xenia shoe clips because they reminded me so much of a certain shoe my gal Carrie got married in. The shoe clips can be used on your other shoes too. And for the record - the shoes are comfortable! I am all about that comfy shoe life.

So whether you are looking for the perfect wedding shoes for you or your bridesmaids or just want the perfect colour of shoes for an event then the  Rainbow Club has you covered. I personally can't wait to style my satin shoes with some jeans and t-shirts for a more casual look over the coming months. Look out for them appearing in a post soon!

All photographs and words are my own.
Special thanks to Rainbow Club for my beautiful shoes and shoe clips.


  1. I love this idea! Barbie pink is awesome but I think sapphire blue is more my colour... :)

    1. The sapphire blue would def be like the carrie shoes of dreams xxx

  2. Spectacular! Clad in our suits, we arrived here for the wedding and enjoyed every minute as we warmed ourselves in the comfort of good friends and joyful Holiday cheer. These truly are magical Los angeles wedding venues for a special evening.


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