3 July 2016

Six Great Things About June


Let's just pretend April and May never happened and not that I was too lazy to blog about them. Oh June - you haven't been the best of months. But sometimes you need to concentrate on the good things that have happened - no matter how silly and insignificant they seem.  Everyday may not be good but there is something good in everyday.
1. We went on holiday to Copenhagen
We spent 4 glorious sunny days in Copenhagen at the start of June. We saw The Little Mermaid, ate way too much ice-cream, went on boat cruises, shopped, spent hours at the beautiful Nyhavn, went on bus tours, visited Christiania, got freaked out by the rides at Tivoli and shopped some more.

I was lucky enough to visit Copenhagen when one of my favourite vintage sellers, Eltoft Vintage, was hosting an open house sale. Presently she doesn't sell online so I normally have to contend with just swooning over her stock on instagram. It was so lovely to finally meet her in the flesh and swoon over her stock in real life. I may have done a little shopping - well it would have been rude not too! I was also lucky enough to meet my instagram girl crush at the event - the lovely Mathilde. Her instagram is my absolute favourite and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. 

I would highly recommend a visit to Copenhagen to anyone. Please don't be put off by people saying it is expensive. Denmark isn't called the happiest place in the world for no reason - it is truly beautiful and the people are lovely.

2. I went blonde again
Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with my hair. Yes I have basically had the same hair cut since I was 3, but I do like to change the colour. I made the stupid mistake of dying my hair darker and it didn't exactly turn out how I wanted it. As silly as it sounds the mucky colour of my hair kinda made me depressed and I didn't feel like myself anymore. I left it for 2 long months then decided it was time to hit the bleach again!

My hair is probably going to hate me forever thanks to the full head bleach I subjected it too but hey ho! I definitely feel like myself again. Who knows - I might even stick a little pink back in there soon.

3. Jimmy got a First Class Honours Degree at Uni
6 years of hard work paid off.I am very, very proud of Jimmy. My boyfriend is a smarty pants! I mean I always knew he was smarter than me and I guess this proves it - but Jimmy, I am still funnier than you!

Now it is time for him to start job hunting .........in Newcastle! Fingers crossed it is goodbye to Lincoln soon. 

4. Orange Is The New Black was back on TV and Game of Thrones ended with lots of girl power!
If you haven't watched Orange Is The New Black on Netflix then get it on! I don't want to give anything away but this series is amazing.I watched it all in two days and went through so many emotions. I can't believe I need to wait a whole year for the next series.

And of course a whole 10 months before the next series of Game of Thrones! This was an amazing series of GOT, and even though I was sad to see it end, I was so happy to see how strong and powerful the female characters have become this series. I can't wait for April 2017 for the next series.

5. I wrote my most popular blog post ever
So when I wrote this post I was feeling a bit angry about some things I had heard. The post was basically just  a little rant from me. I never expected so many people to read such a personal post. I thought people just liked outfit pictures. Guess not. Thank you to everyone who read my post and shared it. Maybe I will share some more personal posts in the future.

6. I started reading again
Back when I wrote my 2016 Goals post I mentioned how I wanted to start reading books again. It has taken me a while but I have got back into the swing of reading again and I am loving it. 

I am currently reading the Grant Country series by Karin Slaughter recommend to me by Lyn. It's is a bit graphic and maybe isn't for everyone but I am loving it so far. If you have read any great books recently I would love your recommendations.

Here is hoping for a wonderful July and lots of sunny days.
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