Outfit Of The Day - Leopard and Louboutin


What I'm Wearing - Zara Fur Coat // Primark Black Polo Neck // Zara Pink Trousers // Next shoes
What Rhys is wearing - Zara Blazer // Zara Shirt // River Island Jeans // Red or Dead Shoes // Christian Louboutin Clutch
On Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (blog coming soon). My date for the evening was the dapper Rhys.

I had known about the event for a couple of weeks, but as per usual left it until the night of the event to decide what to wear. Lesson learned - don't leave it until the last minute again! I tried to go for a more minimalist look and ended up just feeling really boring.

I think the trousers were the reason for me not loving the outfit. I have such a love/hate relationship with them, such a gorgeous colour but they just don't sit right on me. I expect they don't sit well on anyone else either since there were so many left over in the sale. I would say that is another lesson learned but this little leopard print fur was another Zara sale bargain and I love it! And yes I am doing that really annoying blogger thing and not putting my arms in the sleeves - sorry Lyn :)

The black polo and pointy black shoes are wardrobe essentials and I have no doubt you will be seeing them loads on here.

Now can we all stop for a second and appreciate Rhys's outfit......... hello Christian Louboutin clutch! Never invite a man out with better accessories than you, unless you want to spend the whole night insanely jealous! Rhys was looking amazing!!! He knows how to put together a look!

The fashion show was a great success and I can't wait to share all the fun from the evening with you soon. Here is a sneak peek from the night.

Until next time - lots of love, peace and sparkles........
All photographs taken by Rhys Smith and myself.

Outfit Of The Day - Ladies in Suits


What I'm Wearing - H&M Jacket with Studs //  H&M Studded Trousers // Primark T- Shirt // Zara Shoes

Is this not the most beautiful suit EVER?!!!!! I spent months trying to locate this gorgeous suit and it is finally mine! After seeing various fashionable ladies on Instagram wearing it and the fashion icon that is Solange rocking it - I had to have it! I haven't worn a suit since the 00's when I used to own loads. I would wear them with just bras underneath and pretend in my head I was Posh Spice (Spice Girls forever!)

The suit consists of a black, over sized jacket studded with blue stones. I admit I was slightly alarmed when the jacket first arrived and was so big on me, but when combined with the trousers it looks and feels amazing on. The trousers are black, slightly cropped with the same blue stones. I wasn't brave enough to do the look Solange rocked when wearing it (i.e. nothing under the jacket), instead wearing a ribbed crop top from Primark underneath and keeping my accessories simple with just one plain silver necklace. OK I did add more sparkle with my blue pointed Zara shoes, but can you really ever have too much sparkle??!!
Solange in H&M Studio Collection

I can't wait to mix and match this suit up with some other pieces in the coming months (sparkles are for life, not just for Christmas). How would you style this suit?

Until next time - lots of peace, love and sparkles.......

Photographs taken by Jimmy McClymont at the Westerwood Hotel (no that is not my stained carpet haha!)
Solange photograph - taken from Google images
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