Kenzo X H&M Pink Aviator Jacket


What I'm Wearing - Topshop Pink Mom Jeans // Kenzo X H&M Aviator Jacket // ASOS Stripe Top // Primark Shoes.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Here is hoping 2017 is a belter of a year for everyone!

Jimmy and I started off 2017 by staying in with Rio, watching TV and stuffing our faces. Just the usual for us then. We were up nice and bright on New Year's Day and headed off into town for a walk. It was absolutely gorgeous in Glasgow on New Year's Day - but don't let that sun fool you - it was freezing! It was an ideal time to break out my Kenzo aviator jacket from their collaboration with H&M. This is one of 4 pieces I picked up from the collection - 3 coats/jackets and a bag.

I absolutely loved the collection, but it didn't seem to sell as well as I expected and the hype didn't seem to be as big as some of the previous collections. All the better for me though. After picking up the multi coloured leopard print bomber and bag on the release day, I thought my chances of owning anything else were gone when everything seemed to sell out. But, bit by bit, over the following weeks pieces were back online for sale. My folks managed to bag me the full length multi coloured fur and then Jimmy managed to get me this beauty - and isn't she glorious. At £200 she was a little bit out of my budget so I didn't think she would be mine - but Jimmy saved the day and got me it for Christmas.

The jacket wasn't the easiest thing to photograph - it does have a very square shape and is quite oversized - but I bloody love it! I need to wear it loads so I can soften the leather up, so expect to see it on me a lot in the coming year.

Expect to see me on here a lot more in the coming year (hopefully!)  Yes - at the start of each year I am always full of good intentions to blog more - but I definitely feel more positive about doing it this year and getting over my awkwardness posing. Special thanks to Jimmy for running all over town with me taking these pictures - it was learning curve for both of us haha!
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  1. Happy New Year!! This is a gorgeous jacket, looks fantastic on you doll :) x

  2. I loved this jacket when I saw it online too! Unfortunately it was also way out of my budget and I couldn't justify it. It looks great on you, I love the way you styled it. Excellent shoes too. :) x

    1. Thank you so much! The shoes are now £10 in good old Primark xxxx