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Well hello there. It has been a while hasn't it?  Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Well........? Anyway I am back. Did I miss much? Did I miss the demise of blogging? Things seem to have got a whole lot different around here.

In the past year I have seen a huuuuuuge change in the world of blogging. The biggest change seems to be blogs disappearing left, right and centre and the growth of the instagram 'influencer' (yes, I did just throw up in my mouth using that word). Beautiful people no longer need a blog to showcase their style (or sometimes lack of) to the world. People no longer need to write or read huge blog posts when we can just quickly look at a photograph and know where everything is from in an instant. But am I just old school in the fact that I still love blogs and love reading what people have to say rather than generic instagram captions? Is blogging going to survive this new influencer craze? In my opinion - yes! And here is why I never want you to stop blogging.

For me blogging is not just about the imagery - the writing is a huge part of why I follow who I follow. Just for the same reasons that magazines have always been popular - I enjoy reading blogs. Whether this is an article on someones outfit or what they did last Saturday night - I could spend hours reading them. The imagery is just an added bonus. I am constantly blown away with the standard of writing and images on blogs. So many amazing writers and photographers are creating work that simply can't be shared on instagram and the likes. Some of the best blogs just need one photograph to draw you in and you will stay for the writing.

I have always felt there is a more personal touch to blogs. People seem to be more open and relaxed when it comes to blogs - maybe there just isn't the same pressure to be perfect like on other platforms. I feel like I know people better from blogs and have a sense of what type of person they are. Social media is more driven to people only showcasing the perfect parts of their lives, whereas blogs seems to be a space for people to share everything - good and bad. Sometimes we need to know we are not the only person who is feeling the way we feel or going through the things we are - reading about other people with the same experiences as you can be such a massive help, as is finding out how other people dealt with things. 

From a bloggers side of things - I feel like my blog is my escape, my place to write down all the nonsense in my head and talk about the things I want to talk about. There is no pressure on me to make sure I am constantly posting to keep my likes up and keep myself on people's radars. I also don't need to keep up with any trends when blogging - I can blog about any damn thing I want. Blogs really are a safe space to share your love of anything.


If I am going to spend my hard earned cash on something I want a full review of it. I want to know every detail of the skirt I want to buy, how the eyeshadow applies and what toppings I can pick for my pizza at that newly opened restaurant. Only blogs can give me this info and go into great depth about it. if I want to know anything about  basically anything - you can guarantee someone has written a blog post on it! How amazing is that?!

I feel like Instagram is creating a post a picture and move onto the next item culture, especially when it comes to fast fashion items. I want to know whatever someone is plugging to me is worthy and they aren't just telling me it is for the money. Of course there is always been this problem on the blogging side of things too - but as I mentioned before, I think its a lot easier to gauge the type of person they are from their blogs. I could write a whole other blog post on instagram and the negative side to it - but I am sure there have been many blogs already written on this subject (cough cough..... why do brands keep using girls that all look the same and dress the same......).

Instagram just appeared one day - which means one day it could just disappear. Yip, all your photos and followers gone! You don't own social media so you have no control over it - whereas your blog is yours! People have been keeping diaries and been writing things online for years - it isn't just going to disappear in my opinion. This is why I never want anyone to stop blogging. Only someone who has created and updated a blog knows the work that goes into it, but trust me, it is worth it - even if just one person reads it and likes it. I will always champion the blogger. I will always read blogs. And, if I can, I will always update mine. Don't let social media kill the written word. Support your favourite bloggers!
What I'm wearing - Primark Teddy Coat // Zara Snoopy Jumper // Primark Polo Neck // New Look Skirt // Converse // Skinnydip Bag // Pretty Little Thing Sunglasses

Until Next Time.....
Jennifer xoxo

Top Tips For Shopping in Charity Shops


Anyone who has followed me for a while will know I like to shop - a lot! But I also love a bargain, which always makes me feel less guilty about my shopping habit. I am a massive fan of buying vintage and second hand clothes whenever I can. Not only is it a great way to save money but it is also better for the environment and if you are buying from a charity shop - it is a great way to donate money to worthy causes.

When ScottishPower got in touch and asked me to share my tips on charity shop shopping I jumped at the chance. Shopping in charity shops is one of my favourite ways to score a bargain. ScottishPower has an ongoing partnership with Cancer Research UK and this year marks £15million donated to the charity by the energy supplier. They've just renewed their contract with Cancer Research UK for a further three years and pledge to help beat cancer sooner. How amazing is that!

This June kick starts the celebrations of the 5th birthday of my favourite charity shop in Glasgow - Cancer Research UK on Queen Street. I am sure if you have popped in there for a look you will agree they have some amazing pieces and if you are lucky you might even have picked up some I have donated. ;)

Never shopped in a charity shop before? Think charity shops are just full of others people junk? It is time to think again.  Here are my top tips to get you started -

Don't always visit the same shops in the same areas

We are always told that charity shops in the most affluent areas have the best things - but that isn't always the case. Always be sure to check out a wide variety of shops in different areas if you can. Given time you will find which shops are suited to your style and budget.

Don’t rush your shop!
Good charity shops will have their clothes split into sections just like high street stores - take the time to look through the rails and grab anything that catches your eye before someone else - it is going to be the only one there!

Don't restrict yourself to only one section of the store
I always have a wee look in the Men's section too as sometimes pieces there can work for anyone and sometimes other shoppers can put things back in the wrong place. The men's section is the best place to find vintage sportswear, knits and tees.

Check everything!
This is essential for both second hand and vintage pieces. Something may look like a bargain - but not if you are going to have spend more money repairing it after leaving the store.

First things first always check the labels for cleaning instructions. Some items, especially vintage or more expensive pieces might be dry clean only. Are you happy to pay upwards of £15 each time you need to wash the item - if not - leave it behind. Check all buttons are attached and all zips work on items. Check for any staining. On tops check around the arm pits for any staining. If these haven't come out in the wash then they aren't coming out. Also check for any small holes.

Always try things on!
Especially with older or vintage pieces. Sizes have changed quite a lot over the years so don't always go with what the label says. 

It is also a good idea to remember that things look completely different on than they do on hangers - so it is worth your while to try stuff on - even things you aren't sure off. This is your opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new for a bargain price.

Buy summer in winter and winter in summer
Yes I know this sounds strange - but winter clothes don't sell as well in summer so you are bound to find them greatly reduced and the same for summer clothes in winter. I collect vintage sequins and I always score my best bargains in the summer time as most people wear them during the festive period. Just don't forget you bought them when their season comes around.

Visit regularly and be nice to the staff (many of them are volunteers!)
Charity shops receive donations daily so they are constantly updating their stock. It is a good idea to pop in as often as you can to check out their new arrivals. Talk to the staff about the type of items you are looking for and if you are lucky they might know of something in the store room waiting to go onto the floor that you would love. If you are really, really lucky then they might even keep a few items by for your next visit for you to see first before they go onto the shop floor.

Tell everyone where you got your amazing clothes!
Make sure you share your amazing shopping experience with everyone you know and encourage them to visit your favourite charity shops.

Remember charity shops don't just sell clothes
Charity shops are full of household items, fashion accessories, books, DVDs, toys and many other items.

Always give back and use Gift Aid if you can
My last charity donation consisted of over 20 bags of clothes and accessories and the charity managed to raise over £500 from the sale of the items. As you can imagine I felt amazing knowing I had raised so much money for an amazing charity from just donating items I didn't wear anymore. Charity shops are crying out for donations so it is worthwhile having a clear out every once in a while and donating.  The golden rule for donations - ask yourself if you would be happy paying money for the item you are donating? Do not donate anything that you wouldn't. 

It is always good to encourage other people to donate to charity shops too! I often send an email round my work colleagues and ask them to bring any donations to me and I arrange a pick of everyone's donations together.

If you are a UK taxpayer ask to fill in a Gift Aid form when donating your items and the store can then claim 25% tax from the Government at no extra cost. You will also receive a letter from the charity letting you know how much money they raised from the sale of your items.

I really hope these tips will encourage you to pop into your local charity shop and have a look around and hopefully pick up a bargain or two. Please let me know if you pick up anything fabulous!

If you’ve really got a passion for fashion, you could put your skills to use as a volunteer at a charity shop, helping to dress their windows, supporting on social media or taking on responsibility for the stock and display of a particular category, such as accessories.

Cancer Research UK has a dozen shops across Glasgow so wherever you live in the city you’re never far from a bargain. You can find your local Cancer Research UK shop here.

Until next time
Jennifer xoxo

This post was produced in collaboration with ScottishPower. All thoughts and words are my own. #sponsored

That Monki Jacket


Monki Shearling Coat
Monki Shearling Coat

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 kicked off splendidly for everyone. 

I know what you are thinking. Jennifer did you need another jacket? Didn't your wardrobe collapse only a few months ago due the weight of the jackets you already own? And the answer is YES! I did need it and I have repaired the wardrobe silly - it shouldn't collapse again for a while.

This is my winter 2017 sale bargain. £37.50! Worth every penny and more. My beloved Monki never fail to produce the goods. Yes I know everyone and their granny has been rocking this jacket but that didn't put me off. If only it hadn't been £95 to start with it then I would have possessed it long before now. But hey - I love a bargain, so I am so happy I waited.

If anyone else is looking for a bargain - these boots are now down to £3 in Primark.

Primark Red Star Boots

Monki Shearling Coat

Monki Shearling Coat

Monki Shearling Coat

I wore this outfit on the 1st January when Jimmy and I went a little walk about Glasgow city centre - which was unusually busy for new years day. It was freezing! Probably not the best day for fishnets and jeans with missing panels - but you know - fashion and all that. Thankfully my new jacket kept me warm up top. A special hello to the cutest little bag ever! Who needs a Gucci bag when you can have a Hello Kitty bag!

Monki Shearling Coat

Monki Shearling Coat

Monki Shearling Coat

What I'm Wearing - Monki Shearling Aviator Jacket // Pretty Little Thing Stripey Knit // Monki Jeans // Primark Boots // Hello Kitty x ASOS bag.

And since this is my first blog post of 2018 I should share my only new year resolution - stop buying so many clothes for the sake of it. I have just cleared out 11 bags of clothes for the charity shop and have a suitcase full of items to sell. No one needs that amount of clothes. From now on I will only buy pieces I really love and need. And for the moment - I definitely don't need any more jackets!

Let's see how long before I break this resolution eh!

Until next time

Jennifer xoxo

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